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Welcome to Northfield Specialist Hospital Abuja
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Welcome to Northfield Specialist Hospital Abuja

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15 Old Dakwa Road, Madalla. Abuja. Nigeria.

Northfield Specialist Hospital Abuja

The Northfield Specialist Hospital was established with the sole purpose of providing a global-standard healthcare system locally in Nigeria. The Northfield Specialist Hospital was set up as a concerted effort to bridge the huge gap in the standard of medical care obtained in Nigeria compared to that of the developed world – Europe and America. The NSH is a realization of the dream of achieving and accessing global (UK) medical and healthcare standards without spending any extra funds and efforts on international travelling. The NSH was established by top medical professionals who seek to drastically reduce and reverse the brain drain in the Nigerian health sector by creating an enabling environment where professionals in diaspora can come and deliver world-class services in Nigeria.
15 Old Dakwa Road, Madalla. Abuja. Nigeria.

WHY CHOOSE Northfield Specialist Hospital Abuja?

NorthField Hospital are a team of specialist surgeons and healthcare managers working together to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment for our patients.

Local to Patients

We intend to bring healthcare closer to you

Short Waiting Times

Over average waiting times are 4 weeks from GP referral to a first appointment and 6-8 weeks from consultation to surgery (if required).

Continuity of Care

From referral to consultation, diagnosis to treatment – you’ll see the same consultant at every stage of your journey.

Inpatient Treatment

Our consultants operate in local, independent hospitals with all the facilities you’d expect and low infection rates.

Patient Liaison Team

You’ll be given a named contact from our dedicated patient liaison team to help manage appointments and answer any questions.

Quality of Care

99% of our patients rated north field hospital good to excellent and we achieved 100% of our NHS quality targets (CQUINS)



15 Old Dakwa Road, Madalla. Abuja. Nigeria.