Dr Kawu Ahidjo

Practicing spine surgeon with extensive leadership experience. Over 35 publications on spine and orthopedic surgery, with an excellent client satisfaction record spanning 12 years. Very innovative and exceeding the standards of performance set out for any task. Has a written chapter in a textbook of Endoscopic Spine Surgery and produced instruments and implants to operate on spine.


Spine surgeon

Career Achievements

Successfully did presentations at the Global Spine Conference (San France, USA Barcelona, Spain, and Gothenburg, Sweden)
between 2009-2011 on treatment of spinal cord injuries, thoracic Spine kyphosis, and spinal sagittal alignment
Participated in conferences and Symposium on spine surgery in France, Switzerland,
China, Germany, UAE, UK, India, Austria, Nigeria, United States, Spain, and Belgium between 2006 – 2015.
Written 35 research works reviewed and published by European Spine Journal,
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. African Journal of Trauma, Emergency
Medicine: Open Access
Contributed a Chapter in a Textbook of Endoscopic Spine Surgery
Successfully undertake the first spine surgery in Bauchi State, Nigeria.
Designed indigenous Halo-Gravity Frame to treat patients with spine deformity
Designed the first pedicle screw set locally with reduction forceps for scoliosis surgery


Spine Surgery
Patient Forms and Care
Project Planning and Management
Leadership and Management Stills
Excellent Task Management
Computer Skills
Hospital design
Risk Assessment
Interpersonal and conflict management skills
Equipment design
Attention to detail
Situational awareness and decision making




National Orthopedic Hospital Dala Kano

Work Days


5pm - 8pm